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Dear Future Website Builder,

If you're looking for high-quality free website design, free marketing
tools and free resources and you want to know how to find "free stuff
to build your websites" then you're in for a welcome surprise!
I'll show you the best high quality online sources to free website
design, free marketing tools and free resources... the same ones I've
used myself in my own online business.

Just know it makes no difference what your age is, where you live in
the world, or your educational background, or how much you know about
building a website because I can show anyone how to do this- using
completely free stuff!!

Here's where I come in...

My name is Christine Clayfield. I have been an Internet marketer for
over 8 years now and I absolutely l o v e it.
I am here to help you understand how to build your website with free
marketing tools and free resources -- most people think website
building is expensive. I will show you how to build a website FREE!

Here's A Rare Opportunity To

Tap Into The Mind Of An

Ultra-Successful Internet Marketer!

Want more proof of my income?

Simply visit FromNewbieToMillionaire and opt-in to see my bank
account. I promise I will not flood your inbox with crappy affiliate
links, just not my style! My income does not come from sending
affiliate links to my subscribers but from multiple sources of income
of my own products.

I started with absolutely zero experience or knowledge and I am living
proof that with enough determination and the right information, anyone
can succeed online.

What I'm about to share with you is how easily you can build your own
profit generating home-based business with absolutely 100% free website
building resources. Yes, you can build, operate and make money from
your own free websites and the nice thing is you can do it right in the
privacy of your own home and in your spare time!

But giving you just a few tips on how to do build a free website with
free stuff just isn't enough, is it? I will give you over 400 tools!
Now with that thought in mind... Wouldn't it be great if you could
find someone who could...

Give You Everything You Needed

So You Can Build A 100% Free Website...

Without... having any experience building a website
Without... any special computer skills or abilities
Without... knowing anything about website design or
marketing tools
Without... investing any money
Without... wasting all your free time getting started

Right now I am offering you all the help you need to get your new
online business up and running online and looking great!

You have wanted to build your own website but found doing it was too

... there is another way!

Right now I can teach you how to do it totally free and you can "save
all the money you would have spent on expensive web design outsourcers
and paid software"

This is a fact, I am often asked...

"How can I start to earn money online and build a website if I
haven't got any money at all?"
My "Design FREE Websites With FREE Internet Marketing Tools and
Resources" eBook was custom designed and written just for you. You
don't really need any money to get started. Because what you'll
learn when you read it will show you exactly what to do to create
your own website, your products -- all without having to spend any
money on tools, services, software or subscriptions!

You may be wondering...

Is "free stuff" just as good as "paid" alternatives?

In some cases, yes. You don't have to spend hundreds to purchase Adobe
Photoshop (which is a graphic editor to create graphics and website
designs) as there are several free and very easy to use alternative
graphic design programs that will do the job for you.

Most people who use Adobe Photoshop graphic design software only ever
use 1 to 5% of what the software can do and the cost of this high end
graphic design software is almost $1,000! So be smart and skip that
high expense and use a "free graphic design alternative".
You may have read or heard online that most Internet marketers don't
advise you to use the free tools.

Why is that? Well, because then they can't earn any money selling you
expensive graphic design software or expensive website templates (and
doing it by sending you their affiliate links).

I am different. I am not your typical guru Internet marketer.

I don't bombard my subscribers with crappy affiliate links. That's not
how I earn my money. I earn money from my own created products. I am
known as an honest Internet marketer and I want to keep it that way.

So, if I can help people who haven't got any money at all, to get
started with their first website online, I am happy to do so. My
"Design Free Websites eBook" was written for people just like you, who
don't have any money (or a tiny budget) and who want to build a website
with very little or no up front cost.

If this "free stuff" sounds like something

you like to have then please read on...

Now let's get into the nitty gritty of exactly what I have for you to
help you get started right now!

Remember, this is just a very small sampling of what you'll learn
inside my free website design and marketing tools and resources eBook.
The great thing is you can work on your website in your free time
whenever you want. It's ALL up to you.


Discover Tons of High Quality Free Stuff

You Can Use In Most Any Niche!

You can find free stuff for whatever you want to do online!
Whether you are looking to

- write/publish an ebook

- build a website/blog

- set up a member ship site

- or perhaps create audio products or videos to sell!

Now if you are skeptical that is fine.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Please know I've spen thousands of hours
over the last 8 years finding, reviewing and cataloging all these great
free resources!

You can build your own profitable free website with these incredible
free web design, marketing tools and resources to build a business from
home -- and sell products and services if you want to.
I'll show you how to design FREE Websites With FREE Internet Marketing
Tools and Resources -- this works even if you have never created your
own website and even if you have no money to do it with!

You'll be amazed at all the "free stuff"
that is available!
OVER 400 free resources and tools are included.
Other eBooks and books have only 10, 20, 30, maybe 40 tools and
resources but mine has over 400!

What you'll get when you buy my eBook is my list of the "best, high
* Free Writing Tools
* Free Website Design Tools
* Free Domains and Hosting
* Free Images
* Free Clipart
* Free Buttons
* Free Vectors
* Free Backgrounds
* Free Wallpaper
* Free Audio
* Free Videos
* Free Software For Audio and Video
* Free Screen Capture Software
* Free Content
* Free Graphic Design Tools
* Free Website Templates
* The Legal Stuff
* Must Have Elements For Your Website
* Free Auto Responders
* Free Marketing Support Tools
* Free Traffic
* ....and much more!
* all free stuff you can use right on the Internet!

To be sure you get your new website up and running fast, I also will
show you my own personal tips and techniques to get the most out of
these free tools and resources!

I'll help you get started right with free website design, free
marketing tools and free resources to ensure your success from the

You'll be amazed at all the "free stuff" that is available!

When you read the eBook you'll discover answers to questions like
* What Skills You Need To Succeed? Critical things you need to know
about running an online business and how it differs from a brick
and mortar business.
* What Is Your Niche? Finding A Purpose For Your Website and all
about Niche Marketing: How to figure out how to find a niche you
can enjoy building your online business around, includes discussion
of long-tail keywords, emerging trends, SEO and the popularity of
* Free Writing Tools: The best free writing tools, and how to create
a PDF free for online delivery of your eBook.
* Your Website: Free Website Design Tools, HTML, Themes and
Templates: Things you want to know about building your website to
get it right the first time.
* Domains, Hosting and Email Accounts: Free Domains, Free Hosting,
Free Email Accounts and Internet Access, Subdomains and my
suggestions with dos and don'ts.
* Search Engine Optimization: SEO Training, duplicate content
penalty, plagiarism, copyright violations, SEO Tools, Webmaster
Tools, and more!
* Legal Content: Public Domain Issues, Free Content and Rights of
Use, Copyright Infringement, Personal Use and Commercial Use Rights
* Content is King: Creating Content without writing anything using
Guest Blogging, Article Sites, RSS News Feeds, Private Label
Rights, Free Written Content Sources, Google Maps, Images, Videos,
Audio, SEO is free and other free content tools.
* Graphic Design Tools: How To Use Free Graphic Design Tools,
Colours, Banner and Logo Creation, Favicons, eBook Cover Creation,
Slide Creation, Reverse Image Search, and Infographics.
* Images: The dangers of stealing online images, how stolen photos
are found, obtaining permission to use images, Free Icons and
Buttons, Totally Free Image Sites, Image Search Sites, Pay Image
Sites for Photos, and other Good Stock Photo Websites.
* Free Clipart and Vectors: Free Clipart and Free Vector Art Websites
* Free Backgrounds and Wallpapers: Websites for free backgrounds and

* Audio and Video: Software for Audio and Video for free, Free Screen
Capture Software, How To Make a Free Video, Free and Low-Cost
Videos for Re-Use.
* Marketing Support Tools and Varia Tools: Auto Responders, Bulk
Mailers, File Storage, File Backups and Transfers, Chat Software
for Customer Support, Trouble Ticket Management, Raffle Management,
Competitive Analysis Tools and Free Varia Tools.
* Setting Up An Online Store and Taking Payments: How To Properly Set
Up A Secure Ecommerce Website and Take Payments for Products and
* Things To Do Before Sending Traffic: What I Personally Use and
Highly Recommend To Use To Test My Website Before I Send Traffic To
It and How to Avoid Being Banned By Google.
* Safety: What I Personally Use and Highly Recommend To Use To Keep
My Website and Products Secure.
* My Personal Recommendations: Dos and Don'ts To Maximize
Profitability and to Ensure Your free website is a huge Success!

* Plus a whole lot MORE!

You Can Find Free Tools and Resources

For Whatever You Want To Do Online!

Whether you are looking to write/publish an ebook, build a
set up a member ship site or perhaps create
audio products or videos to sell!

In a nutshell...

I'll be talking about all "free stuff" -- free website design, free
marketing tools and free resources and I'll also tell you on how to
create graphics, websites, templates, sales copy, emails, audios and
even the videos! All Free!

I'll simplify exactly where to get all this 'free stuff" right inside
my eBook, with links to the actual websites and how to use it so you
can build a great looking website that is search engine optimized with
completely "free tools" and the only expense is your time!

I'll cover in great detail: exposing the facts and the pros and cons of
free website design and free marketing tools and free resources, as
well as how to avoid many of the mistakes new online marketers make
when using "free stuff".

I'll cover specific instructions on how to use various online resources
to cover everything from A to Z on how to build a new website.

Nothing is left to chance.

Using Free Stuff Is Easy To Do If

An Expert Internet Marketer Shows You How!

This is important to remember before you buy this...

Whether you just want to see if creating an online business is for you
or not then this eBook is a great place to get started and by using all
free website design and marketing tools and resources you won't be out
of pocket and spending money on this before you know for sure if you
want to do this or not.

This eBook is exactly what you need.

Even if you are an experienced Internet Marketer, I am convinced you
will find some tools you've never heard about.

I have the reputation to under promise and over deliver. I have done
exactly that again. The book has OVER 400 FREE tools and resources to
use when building a website. Over the last 8 years I have written down
every single free tool I have come across and this book is the result!

Be aware that this free website design and marketing tools and
resources is definitely NOT a "get rich quick scheme" and you will have
to put in some work to get your site up with these free resources and
spend some time looking at and selecting your website design, images

If a quick buck is all you are looking for, then this is not for you;
so please close this page and don't buy this.
But if you are willing to put time and effort into learning how to do
use the free stuff on the web to build your own free website, then this
IS for you.

All you need to do is to read the eBook and you'll get all 400
resources right at your fingertips. Plus I'll even tell you what free
website design and marketing tools and resources mistakes to avoid!

Websites Made From "Free Stuff" Can Look Great!

So why did I decide to create this 'Design Free Websites' eBook?

Aspiring Business Owners (especially newbies) have contacted me over
the years to find out how I specifically build my highly successful
Online Niche Websites and publishing niche ebooks.

Because so many people wanted this critical information, I finally
decided to share my proven free website building methods in a
comprehensive free website design and marketing tools and resources

This is jam packed with tools and resources.

You can rest easy when you buy the eBook as you will find when you read
it that it is very detailed because I invested considerable time and
expense to make sure it covers all of the things you'll need to know to
easily and efficiently use free stuff to build a cost-free website.

Once you know how to properly create websites for little to no cost
then you can save money and not spend it on expensive web designers!
Saving all this extra money will more likely ensure your success with
the new websites you build.

But that's just the start of all the insider knowledge you'll be
receiving I also...

Expose How I Found All This Free Stuff!

Then you will know how to find even more great free stuff to enhance
your websites to make them stand out from the crowd. Imagine saving
even more money because you know where to find the latest free stuff
and build even more sites for years to come!

Imagine this...

...You're buying the eBook and using the free stuff I'll tell you about
to build your first website!

Picture going to Google and seeing your site up on the web!

That's a great feeing isn't it?

You bet!

But that is only... If someone that knows how to find and take
advantage of all these almost unlimited "free website stuff" resources
most people don't even know exists!

Get YOUR Free Stuff Now!

What I've discovered in over 8 years of trial and error from hundreds
of websites and free website design and marketing tools and resources
is condensed inside the "Design Free Websites eBook" you'll receive

You can benefit from and save a lot of cash with the fantastic
resources I've uncovered when you use my free website design and
marketing tools and resources eBook". You can save all that time and
hassle of trying to find these resources online by yourself!

Instead buy the eBook and get started on your new website right now!

This is Your Best Guide To Tons of Free Resources!

You can be building your website and getting it hosted on the web fast
and you can get started immediately.

Now you're probably wondering... If this is as good as you say it is,
do I get some sort of guarantee so I can try it and judge for myself"?

You'll Love It Or I'll Buy It Back Guarantee!

Quite honestly, I believe so strongly that my "Design FREE Websites
With FREE Internet Marketing Tools and Resources" eBook can save
tons of money! But if after you buy it and you're not completely
convinced that this is for you, I am giving you a generous 60 Day,
100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee, you'll love it or I'll buy it
back no questions asked.

You Can Get Over 400 FREE Resources in ONE eBOOK!

You'll be amazed at all the "free stuff"
that is available!
OVER 400 free resources and tools are included.
Other eBooks and books have only 10, 20, 30, maybe 40 tools and
resources but mine has over 400!

If you have a regular job and leave your family to go to work every day
and all you are doing is helping your boss or the company you work for
get rich. So what do you get out of all that hard work you put in? A
Just Over Broke salary and a few weeks off if you're lucky. How fair is
Imagine this instead...

You can build your own website for FREE with free resources and tools
that are inside this eBook!

Wondering if this is for you?

Don't take it from me, here some comments from people who have bought
the eBook:

"Wow, I love all these free goodies! I am impressed with the huge
amount of free stuff that is available online! I never knew high
quality free resources like these were available like this. I am happy
with my purchase as this has saved me hundreds of dollars on my next

~ Geoff Steward

"Your Free Stuff ebook does exactly what is says on the cover and gives
you the websites where you can download all the free stuff your heart
desires! Your ebook explains how to use the free stuff too. I've
already found several new website designs for free that saved me money.
I can't thank you enough."

~ Miranda Linden

"I always wanted to build my own website but funds were a problem. I
was not sure who to hire I could trust to design and build my website.
Everything is so clearly explained that even someone like me who never
built a website before can do it. Highly recommended ebook! Well worth
the price."

~ Adam Bishop

"Finding high quality free stuff can be a lot of work when there are so
many websites with poor quality free stuff or that require you to sign
up for something. This ebook is different and gives me exactly what I
need to make my own websites with no cost for website design, images,
audios and even the videos. This is great ebook for someone who wants
to see if they want to get into online marketing or not for a very low
price. Get it now and you will save a ton of money with using all this
free stuff instead of paying for it. Superb ebook with tons of

~ Marlene Haynes

Are You Ready To Get Started Right Now?

If you have a strong desire -- you will succeed and get your first
website up and running.

Once you get the first one under your belt then the next one is really
easy to do!

With the "Design Free Websites eBook" you will know how to use the free
resources to get your website looking great and up on the Web. You can
use this information to build your own successful profitable free

You want to start building your free website now, don't you?

You've probably already made up your mind about buying this...

The very fact you've read this far means you know the value of having

You want to get all the free stuff so you don't have to spend any money
getting your website up online. Imagine getting all the free stuff you
need to turn your dreams for your own online business into reality!

In minutes from now, you'll have he eBook instantly delivered right
into your hands...

You'll get to use my personal list of free website design, free
marketing tools and free resources I collected from my 8 years of
Online Marketing Expertise.

Buy it now and you'll get it via instant download right to your
computer...in just minutes from now.

You can have the ALL THE FREE STUFF YOU WANT right at your finger tips!

Buy it right now so you can avoid making mistakes most new marketers
make and wasting time trying to use free stuff that is not top quality.
I have researched and sifted through all the best free stuff and I am
giving it to you right now.

Have fun and get ready to create new websites without spending any

Buy the eBook now.

The good news is, right now this incredible eBook is far cheaper than
you think! You only invest a measly $49.97! That's less than 1/4 the
cost of a low cost web designer would charge you for just one web
template! You want to take advantage of my generosity right now and get
this book!

You'll get started fast and get over 400 resources when you buy the

Take advantage of the low price right now.

You can't leave this page empty handed can you?

Click the button below and get started building new Free Website right

Yes, Christine, please count me in!

Risk Free Acceptance Form:

Yes, Give Me Instant Access To The
Design Free Websites eBook!

Yes! I want instant access to your FAST, simple, straight-forward
system for designing websites with free website design, free website
templates, free design tools, free writing tools, free hosting, free
domains, free content, free images, free clipart, free backgrounds,
free audio and free video.

I understand I will get instant access once payment is made so
I can get started right away.

I also understand there's absolutely no risk to me as my purchase is
backed by a complete 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

"Yes! I am ordering right now by clicking the button below for the
special low price of only $49.97".

"I'm ready to order now!"

I Want To Learn How To Build My Own Website With Free Website Design
and Marketing Tools and Resources!

Only $49.97
( approx. £29, Euro 36)


Click Here To Secure Your Copy!
We accept all major credit cards:

Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard.

After you "Click the Add To Cart Button", and
your order is processed, you will receive the eBook.
After ordering you can immediately download the eBook and
be reading it in seconds on your computer.
There is no shipping charges, no waiting!
Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the eBook.

To Your New Business Success!

Christine Clayfield

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk to you. Just buy it. Try it
and see how easy it is to get a new website up and running faster than
you ever dreamed!

Check the ebook out and use it for 60 full days to build your website.
If you're not overjoyed with it by then I'll give every penny back no
questions asked. Jump on this now and get it today at this special low

I Want To Design My Websites
With Free Stuff and Save Money!

Only $$49.97
( approx. £29, Euro 36)


After you "Click the Add To Cart Button", and
your order is processed, you will receive the eBook.
After ordering you can immediately download the eBook and
be reading it in seconds on your computer.
There is no shipping charges, no waiting!
Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the eBook.

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